Monday, July 11, 2011

Young Lady, Where on Earth Have You Been?

Hello, Loves! It's been ever so long since I've posted on the bloggie-wog, and for that I'm sorry. Please don't be cross with me! 
So, let me sort of catch you up, and we'll go from there, shall we? 
At the end of April, I met a man who I call the Gent. He's a bit older, and we have a really lovely disciplinary relationship that has evolved to the point where he spanks me 5 or 6 times a week (squee!). Although he's very Dominant, he's not a Dom...does that make sense? He's a very clever "vanilla" man who likes to be in charge because he's good at it. He's damn good at it, if I may say so. 
I've also been working a lot, and spending time on the twitter, where I'm spankinglib, if you care to look me up. 
How have y'all been? 

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