Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sir's Sub Camp: A New Session Begins

One of my favorite things is making up elaborate stories to tell Sir.  I've been spinning one yarn that is particularly pleasing to him, and we thought perhaps you'd enjoy it, as well.

Sir's Sub Camp: A New Session Begins

My Sir is the proprietor of a very well respected camp for subs.  Girls from around the world apply to attend, but only 24 at a time are chosen. Often, Tops send their girls to Sir's camp, knowing that when their precious girls return, they'll be better than ever.

I am Sir's assistant, and I'm responsible for a lot of the training of the girls. We've just started a new session, and it looks to be a lovely group of subs. Sir always chooses well.

The girls had all arrived, some alone, some escorted by their Tops. A few cried when they said goodbye - one clung to her Top and whispered, "please, Daddy, please take me home. I've changed my mind." Poor thing. He gave her bottom a couple of swats and kissed her forehead. "You'll be alright. You be a good girl, and Daddy will see you in a few weeks at the Banquet."  Before he left, he pulled me aside. "She's a good girl," he said. "But I know you and your Sir will improve her infinitely. Just as you did my other little girl." I couldn't help but smile. I love thinking of all the little subbies that my Sir has trained.

The girls assembled in the classroom. 24 desks, each with a nameplate. "Find your seat, girls. This is where you'll be spending a lot of time over the next few weeks." When they'd all settled, I began.

"Welcome, girls. I'm Miss Libby. I'm Sir's girl and his assistant. You won't be meeting Sir until dinner this evening, and I'm to get you all sorted before then. Understood?" Nods and murmers. "First thing, when Sir or I ask you a question, you're to respond properly. Understood?"

"Yes Miss Libby."

"Good girls. Now, beneath you desks, you'll each find a backpack. In it, you'll find most everything you'll need for the duration of your stay.

First, your uniform. Starting this afternoon, you're to be in uniform from the time you get up until bedtime, when you'll change into your regulation pajamas. You've also been given a handbook. You're to read the handbook tonight after dinner. There'll be a quiz tomorrow. Understood?"

"Yes Miss Libby."

"This is going to be a very intense time for you. It won't always be fun. In fact, it usually won't. But you will leave here a better sub, and a better person. I promise you that. Now, I'm not sure what you're expecting, but you will be spanked. A lot. And it will hurt. You're here for 28 days. You will receive a minimum of 25 spankings, but probably more. You're to keep track of your spankings in your notebook, and be ready to present the notebook for inspection at any time. Now, why will you be spanked? What are some reasons?"

Hands shyly raise. "Yes, Becky, why might you be spanked?"

"For breaking the rules, Miss Libby."

"Well, that's certainly true. Most girls here at camp are well behaved, but there are a LOT of rules. It's likely that you'll all receive several punishment spankings. Those are extremely intense. Yes, I see you squirming in your seats. Believe me, you will remember Sir's punishment spankings forever. Kelly, you had your hand up. Why might you be spanked?"

"Because Sir feels like it?"

"Ah, very true. There will be lots of spankings like that. You must all be prepared at any moment for Sir to pull you over his knee. And here's something VERY important to remember. You must ALWAYS thank Sir for spanking you. Even if you feel angry or upset, even if you're crying, when Sir's finished  spanking you, you say, 'thank you, Sir.' Understood?"

"Yes Miss Libby."

"In your backpacks, you'll also find several implements. A hairbrush, a paddle, a flogger. You're to be prepared to present them to Sir whenever he asks. When he spanks you, he will decide whether you're to be dressed or not. It is not debatable. You might be in the library, studying, and Sir may suddenly appear at your side and say, 'I need you take off your uniform. You're going to get a naked spanking and then some cornertime.

"Other reasons you'll be spanked - demonstrations.  In spanking seminars, Sir will use different girls to demonstrate - he'll use me too. I'll get spanked just as often as you will, believe me.  You'll also be spanking one another. It doesn't matter if you've never done it before.

You're here to learn. Let's see, what else should I mention here? Oh, yes, your spankings won't be private, but I'm sure you figured that out. Everyone here will see everyone else spanked plenty, to be sure.

Now, I'm going to take you to your dorms, but first, let's talk about Sir. Of course, you are always to show him the utmost respect. You are not to approach him - he's very busy, and can't be constantly dealing with everyone's problems. Not to worry, you'll each get to spend time with him. You're to greet him when you see him - you're to say, 'good morning, Sir,' or 'good evening, Sir.' Other than that, you are only to speak to him when spoken to. You may come to me with any problems or concerns. Understood?"

"Yes, Miss Libby."

"Good girls. Now, gather your things. I'm taking you to your dorms. You need to change into your uniforms and get ready to meet Sir."


  1. "Sub camp"...what a neat idea! I enjoyed reading it. You have a makings of marketable erotica story.

    Do you plan more installments on your blog?

  2. Cara, you made me blush with your sweet comment! Thank you.

    I'm glad you asked that - I have tons more ideas for sub camp - just ask Sir, as I'm always regaling him with stories about it.

    Stay tuned!


  3. I say we do this. I'm totally down for it.

  4. Darling C, you know your comment had me in giggling fits.