Saturday, December 11, 2010

Harem Girls

Tonight: The first in a series of wine-fueled confessions!

Like so many of the imps I've come to adore in the Spanko-blog Land, I'm 100% subby.

In Vanilla-land, I'm very strong, very capable, and, I'm becoming successful in my chosen profession. 

But with Sir, I'm absolutely at his beck and call.  

I find myself calculating random ways to pleasantly surprise him. 

Which brings me to my harem fantasy.

Did it start because of Jeannie?

She was one of my early models of sexy womanhood.

I loved that bottle!

And she was so obviously the center of Master's attention...and yet, he was Master. 

Whether it's because of Jeannie, or some other reason, I've always had a harem girl fantasy. 

And I find myself wanting to give Sir a harem....

...a bevy of beauties to serve my Sir.


  1. That is SO amazing since I had a huge crush on Barbara Eden growing up. Her and Linda Carter. You know L, you are as obediently devious as Jeannie.

  2. Ah thank you, Libby, for further fueling our fantasies! I loved Barabara then, in her movies, singing specials, in the series "Harper Valley PTA," and lots more! She is actually one of the classiest and most courageous women on the planet, and still damn sexy!!

    And, oh, yeah, Jeannie was the ubject of many a po-po patting dream of mine! Spurred on, no doubt, by the time Captain (later Major) Nelson threatened to give her "a good, solid spanking!" The joke was, of course, that it wasn't really Jeannie in disguise he was threatening, but a big hairy muggy mobster; but that's a whole other complicated plot!

  3. Wolfie, it sounds as if you have a serious thing for Ms. Eden! I'm glad I further fueled your fantasy, you Big Bad Man.


  4. And as for you, Hotspur, all I have to say is, "Yes, Master."


  5. I figured you might eventually get around to me, Libby. :-)