Saturday, December 4, 2010

My First Session with Sir

Punishment for:
      Besides general maintenance, the purpose of this session was to punish two behaviors. First, after promising Sir that I’d have my laundry done by 7pm on Tuesday, I failed to finish it on time. Secondly, one evening after Sir and I had our evening chat, I was recalcitrant about going to bed.

Punishment prescribed:
  • 100 lines
    • Sir assigned me to write 100 lines. 50 of them were to read “I apologize for breaking two promises to my Sir this week.” And fifty to be sentences of my own, reflecting on our first week working together. After 47 sentences, I had a blister on my thumb, so Sir is allowing me to finish them on my own. 

  • 15 minutes of phased cornertime, interspersed with 15 minutes of spanking. 
    • Me, in cornertime. See those dots? They're part of the elaborate constellation of stickers Sir had me create, indicating where parts of my body should touch the wall when I'm in cornertime.
    • My first 5 minutes were spent on my bed, facing Sir, fully clothed, with my hands behind my back as he sat in a chair directly in front of me. When the five minutes were up, he called me to him and ordered me to lie across his lap. This was the first time he was going to spank me. Our circumstances are such that we're only able to see each other once a week. Last week was the first time we met, and he didn't spank me then, only explained to me what to expect and and taught me how he wants me to stand in cornertime. So, though I knew what to expect, I was terrified for a moment. But I knew what was expected of me. Sir spanked me over my skirt with his hand, and between strokes he touched my back and my bottom as he scolded me. When the five minutes were up, I had begun to feel more relaxed. He unzipped my skirt and stood me on my feet, at which point my skirt dropped to the floor.

    • For my second 6 minutes (1 extra minute as a fee for only getting to number 47 of my sentences), Sir instructed me to kneel on my bed, facing away from him, bend forward and rest my head on the mattress. He instructed me to make sure my bottom was nicely displayed for him so that he could check on the state of my bottom. It was actually a very comfortable position, and when the six minutes were up, I was totally relaxed and ready for my next spanking. This time I was ready to pour myself over Sir's lap, but I wasn't prepared for the slap of the ruler across my bottom. Though I was trying to stay still, I couldn't bear it anymore so I began to twist and wiggle. With seemingly no effort, he adjusted me so that my legs were trapped safely between his - wiggle and twist as I might, it was obvious I wasn't going anywhere. 

    • For my third 5 minutes, Sir had me remove my bra, and then stand facing the wall with my panties down and my breasts exposed. During this time, Sir instructed me to think of all I’d accomplished this week and to be proud of myself.  When this time was up, I was beginning to dread the third phase, because my bottom was stinging and throbbing, and I knew it was going to be bare-bottom. Sir was very understanding, and though he didn't skimp on punishment, he told me that though he had to do this for disobeying him, I was his good girl.
    • When the third part of my spanking was over, I was crying a little, and that scared me. This was all real suddenly. Sir gently lifted me and turned me over so that I was sitting in his lap. He told me I was his good, good pet and held me. It was divine.

Reflections on our First Week of working together: 
This first week of working with Sir has been incredible, and I don’t use that word lightly. I’m making changes that I’ve always wanted to make – I’ve simply lacked the discipline necessary to make them. Our relationship is very Zen, and, to mix religious metaphors, I feel as if he’s a guru of sorts to me. I can literally feel my mind and body changing at his command, can feel my very cells reacting to his direction. It’s one of the most wonderful feelings I’ve ever had. 

Friday, December 3, 2010


I've not posted much in the last few days as I've been very busy with work. And I have a deadline with Sir this evening, so I don't have time to compose a proper posting now.

So in lieu of that, here's a picture of my derriere!

If you use it, please link back to me, okay?


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daily Spanking Privilege Goes To....Lansdowne, PA, USA

My random visitor of the day is in Lansdowne, PA. It looks to be a lovely borough, of roughly 11,000 souls, at least one of whom is a spanko, it would seem.

So today, I salute Lansdowne, PA!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spanking City of the Day: Los Angeles

Today's City of the Day is Los Angeles!

Hey, I've been spanked lots in that city. 

Thank you for visiting, visitor from Los Angeles.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Discipline Journal: Entry 1

Tonight I’m writing my first discipline journal entry, because Sir has mentioned it before, and because I think it will make him happy.

But more than that, I’m moved to write it because I feel so much gratitude to Sir for the things he’s already helped me accomplish. He’s making subtle changes in my mind, rewiring my brain, almost, with his loving discipline. 

When I start to just put a dish in the sink and let it sit there indefinitely, I think of him, and of how he would ask me if that’s the right choice to make. Then I rinse the dish and put it in the dishwasher and feel proud of myself and imagine Sir patting me on the bottom and kissing my cheek. 

I love putting check marks by the items on my list. Now, instead of a chore, each item seems almost like a reward within itself, because I know it’s for my own well-being and because I know I’ll get to tell him about it and get his praise. 

 Sir and I agreed two days ago that I would have my considerable laundry done by 7pm tonight. I’m very close to having it done, and I’m overjoyed with myself about that. I know that it sounds like such a small thing for a relatively accomplished woman like myself, but my laundry has long been my albatross. I’ve always been really bad about keeping it done, and about keeping my apartment clean in general. Sir knows that this is one of my core discipline problems, and is so generously helping me overcome it. 

But, it won’t be done by 7.

Now, I know that I underestimated how much time it would take. Sir asked me to be certain of the date and time, and I said that I was. I also know that I’ve had a lot of good work news in the last two days that has ended up occupying a lot of my time. Finally, some of the clothes require that I get those dry cleaning sheet dealies at the store, and I’m a bit pressed for time and money right now.

So, I thought, I’ll ask for an extension. Sir will understand. He cares about me and knows that these issues came up unexpectedly.

But then I thought, no. Sir cares about me.

My discipline is not about him, it’s about me. I should’ve planned ahead better and used my time more wisely.

I will finish all the laundry, even the dry cleaning, by Friday at 7pm.

Nonetheless, I didn’t finish it when I was supposed to.

So instead of asking Sir to give me an extension, 
I’m going to ask Sir to give me cornertime.

I love following his instructions obediently, thinking about what he tells me to think about, feeling myself become centered and calm under his command.

I just hope I can get this webcam situation straightened out soon so that Sir can watch me serve him.

Daily Spanking Goes to Brugge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

Thank you very much, visitor from Brugge.  Your city looks beautiful. 
Here's a link to your city's website...

Everyone, I highly recommend clicking on it. The front page has a wonderfully witty photo. 

So today, I salute Brugge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Spanking Privilege Goes To....

At the suggestion of the wonderful Pink at Barely Pink, I've started using sitemeter. My favorite thing about it is that it tells me who's on at that very moment. I find it fascinating. So many visitors from so many places that I'm rather ignorant about. 

So every day, at a random time, I'm going to dedicate a blog to the city of the first listed visitor from the  "who's on?" listing at sitemeter. 

My first daily spanking privilege goes to Whitby, Onatario!

I love Canadians.

So, tonight, I salute 

Whitby, Ontario

and give that city the honor of my first daily spanking privilege.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Trip to the Craft Store with Sir...

Today, Sir took me to craft store to buy some yarn...I love to knit, and I'm going to make a scarf for me. I love the idea of him wearing something that I made for him.

On our way to the cash register, he steered me to the Scrapbooking aisle. Now, I'm not much for scrapbooking.  It seems silly to me, and Sir knows that. I'd told him about going to visit an old high school friend - she kept pulling out these damn scrapbooks and making me look at them. She'd written all this kitschy stuff all around the pictures like, "Little Katie's first softball game!" in big goofy letters.  And now here we were, in the aisle stuffed with papers and glues and pens and trinkets to make scrapbooks.

"You're going to be making a scrapbook for me, Libby."

I laughed a little nervously.

"It's not a joke. You mocked a friend because of her scrapbooks, and they're very special to her. That was rude. You'll be making a scrapbook to document your you understand?"

I'd MUCH rather get a spanking or cornertime, but I knew better than to argue.

Besides, I knew I'd be getting those anyway.

He's had me start the scrapbook, and to put placeholder photos in some of the picture boxes, just until he takes my punishment photos - and then I'll replace them. He's also had me write captions that he knows make me cringe in their insipidness.

I'm learning not to mock people to Sir again...

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