Friday, January 7, 2011

Daily Spanking City is: Moulineaux, France

This has been a very French sort of day!
I'd like to thank all my French visitors for stopping by.

And I'd especially like to thank my visitors from  
Moulineaux, France, 
today's spanking city of the day. A city of just 903 people, at one point today, 3 of those people were on my blog. 
Huzzah, Moulineaux!


Deadline Met! Happy Friday!

Hello, Dear Readers! 
I want to wish you a happy Friday and to revel in the fact that I met a major work deadline today, with time to spare!  I feel like this:


A Lovely Surprise from France

 Imagine my surprise, Dear Reader, when I was scrolling through the updates of blogs I follow and saw my own bottom in a picture! My friends at this  lovely French bloggie wog
saw fit to feature my little establishment.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

NoCutCorners: My version of a Magnificent Ten (plus eight).

My Dear Sir's lucky am I to have such a Gentleman Top?

NoCutCorners: My version of a Magnificent Ten (plus eight).: "I have wanted to put together a Ten Best Butts on a Spankee list, but the task is impossible. There are far too many wonderful models...."

Daily Spanking City is: Dublin, Ireland

Thank you, visitor from 
Dublin, Ireland, 
for stopping by the bloggie wog!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Daily Spanking City is: Bratislava, Slovakia

Our Spanking City of the Day is the perfectly named 
Bratislava, Slovakia
What a wonderful place for a Spanko to live
Huzzah, Bratislava!

Kardashian Spanking!

Lovely little find this morning on one of the French blogs I follow. It's a clip from the Kardashian sisters' reality show in which Khloe spanks her sister Kourtney.  The girls are annoying, but the clip is nice.  To see it, click this link:
Kardashian spanking

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In Praise of OTK Spankings

As any Top worth his salt knows, there are many ways to spank a bottom. Some of them have the spanker at something of a remove from his spankee. Perhaps she's kneeling on furniture and he's using an implement on his girl...

...Perhaps he has reason to spank her thusly, but in tandem with another girl, though I can't imagine why he'd do that...perhaps he's just very very busy and needs to save time while dispensing discipline to the naughty imps he encounters.

Perhaps he simply fancies seeing her in some novel position while he disciplines her.
                                                   Who knows why Tops do the mysterious things they do?

 Perhaps I'm desperately old-fashioned, but to me, there's nothing like being over a good Top's knee.

My favorite thing in the world might be a simple OTK hand-spanking from a fully dressed, fully realized Top.

Whether it's because I've been particularly naughty...

Seems a bit lazy, but it'll work

or particularly good...

...Or just because he jolly well feels like it...

...I love knowing I'm going to wind up over 
his knee.

And perhaps the best part of all is the end result. 
Knowing I'll end up in his lap, with him telling me what a good girl I am.

And then walking around for a while feeling the aftermath of his attention to me.

Daily Spanking City is: Espoo, Southern Finland

Today's Spanking City of the Day is 
Espoo, Southern Finland!
Thank you, Espoo visitor, for stopping by the bloggie!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Spanked a Girl, and I Liked It (part 3)

So, Dear Reader, when last we met, if you'll recall, Kirsten and I were a bit tipsy after our trivia triumph, and she had, more or less, dared me to spank her. At least that's how I read her out-thrust bum.  So, Dear Reader, what choice had I? 

I will admit that it was with trepidation that I slapped her bottom. She wiggled a bit and said, giggling, "what was that? that's not a spanking!"

She taunted me, Reader! So I commenced to spanking her.

Now, I won't say I was good at it, but I was enthusiastic. I'm not sure how long I spanked her before she squealed and recoiled a bit. "Ouch! Okay, that's a spanking!" she said, and we both started laughing deliriously.

"Alright, you bad girl," I said, "more champagne?"

She stood up, rubbed her bottom, and checked her watch. "Sure, why not? Joe won't be here for another 45 minutes."  She picked up her glass and followed me to the kitchen.

Let me stop here, Gentle Reader, to comment that the bottle of champagne felt wonderful on my burning palm. Tops, why have you never mentioned the stinging of the hand? Is it a bravado thing? Or is it just that my little hand is not accustomed to such work, and thus stung mightily? Truly, I'm interested in the answer to this question.

Anywho, back to the story!

So, after having refilled both our glasses, it was reluctantly that I put that icy bottle back in the fridge. And just as I was closing the door, before I turned around, she struck me. She had the gall to spank me! And I hadn't done a thing! I mean, Sir is more than welcome to spank me any time he deems fit for no reason. But this insolent girl is not. Still, I couldn't stop giggling.

"What the hell?!? Oh, now you've done it!" And as I started to reach out to swat her, she lunged toward me and kissed me. It was the awkward kind of thrilling kiss that reminded me of being 13;  3 seconds of tooth-banging, nervous-making, earth-shaking fun. 

 "Oh, you think kissing me is going to make me forget what you did, do you?"

"Maybe..." and then she kind of pounced on me, Reader. She took my face in her hands, pushed me back against the fridge, and kissed me, properly. I was shocked by the small softness of her mouth. At first I just stood there, with my arms hanging at my sides. But after a few seconds, I put my hands on her hips and held her against me as her unbelievably soft tongue moved slowly in my mouth. Then she pulled away, smiled, and sauntered (I tell you, she actually sauntered!) back to the couch with her glass.

"Oh, that is it! You're going over my knee, Kirsten!"

To Be Continued...


Daily Spanking City is: Lillerd, Frederiksborg, Denmark

Thank you, visitor from 
Lillerd, Frederiksborg, Denmark, 
for stopping by the bloggie-wog!