Friday, December 24, 2010

I Spanked a Girl, and I Liked It (part 1)

It started off innocently enough (doesn't it always?). 

You see, Dear Readers, in my vanilla life, I'm a bit of a trivia fiend. I regularly participate in trivia night at my local pub, and I'm damn good at it, if I do say so myself. 

I have a couple of friends with whom I'm normally on a team, but this week they were busy, so I decided to go alone and hope to find a team to join there.

Dear Reader, to think, I ALMOST stayed home! 

Heavens, how sad that would have been. 

Once at the pub, the bartender pointed me to a couple of girls who were looking for a teammate. My reputation, it seems, had preceded me (as a trivia queen, Silly Reader!), and they were thrilled to have me on their team.

As the evening progressed and the wine flowed, I discovered that Lisa and Kirsten had met in college and been good friends since. I was pleased to find that they were both very funny and charming, and very smart. We were kicking trivia tush. 

Our biggest competition was coming from a table of college boys. They were annoying as hell, and it was fairly apparent that they were cheating - using their phones to look up answers, and not even really trying to hide it. 

We were loathe to lose to them, Dear Reader. But it looked like it might happen when we were absolutely stumped by a sports question. I mean, not a clue. Lisa and I brainstormed, and I didn't notice Kirsten, silently tapping into her phone. 

"Larry Bird" she said, suddenly, and without a trace of doubt in her voice. 

"Are you sure?"


"Joe?" Lisa asked, and Kirsten nodded.

"Kirsten! Did you cheat?"

"No! Well not like the frat boys are cheating. I texted my boyfriend. He's a sports guy."

"You're so bad!" And, Dear Reader, because you're a spanko, you know the next words that popped out of my tipsy mouth. "Somebody needs to spank you!"

I panicked as soon as the words were out, but Lisa hardly seemed to notice, so excited was she that while we might not beat the frat boys, at least we'd tie. 

Kirsten, on the other hand, noticed.

Her eyes flashed to mine and for just a second there was that "you're one too!" look and then we both blushed and joined Lisa in gloating over our tie.

When the game was over and it was time to go, my brain was spinning, and not even so much from the wine. Was I wrong? Had we really had a spanko moment there, or not? And how would I ever find out?

To be continued....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

YouTube: LibertineBella

I created a YouTube Channel, where I'll occasionally upload little video clips of me, and feature other clips that I like.

Here's my first effort. No spanking, just bottom...enjoy!

Of Hairbrushes and Tears

My Sir has an affinity for wooden hairbrushes.  Using them on my bottom, that is. 
While I do rather like the crop, I don't think I have a favorite implement, per se.  Because I'm curious if other people do, I'm going to post a poll on the subject. Please feel free to comment here, as well.

Do you have a favorite spanking implement? 


Spanking City of the Day: Bath, Pennsylvania

Today's Spanking City of the Day is Bath, Pennsylvania.  When I did a Google search for images associated with that city, the third one was a lovely naked girl on a boat holding two lobsters. I don't think it had anything to do with Bath, actually, but I liked it, so I tried to post it, but for some reason, I wasn't able to. So, instead, here's the first image that came up, a map of the area.

Huzzah, Bath, Pennsylvania!  
I salute you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On Seeking a Strong Foundation

I'm something of a late bloomer, I've come to understand.  As an artist and an academic, I've studied lots of different things, worked in diverse fields, moved around a lot, and sort of floated.  

Self-discipline has always seemed like something of an elusive goal...I have two masters degrees, so obviously I have some self-discipline. But that was externally directed self-discipline. Professors and universities set dates and goals and schedules and standards for me, and I submitted myself to them. I knew it was for my own good. I operate very well under that model.

I'm coming to see that underlying my (dis) ability to discipline myself is a sort of domestic morass (no pun intended. ok, a little intended.). Stacks of laundry so large I couldn't even bring myself to deal with with them. A sink full of dirty dishes was a constant. 

And the thing was, I felt bad about it all the time. For years, "have more self-discipline" was my top New Year's Resolutions. But how could I get the discipline to learn to impose self-discipline? 

It was a conundrum. 

I felt as if, in trying to launch my career as a writer, I was trying to build a strong house on a foundation that was very shaky, at best, and quicksand, at worse. 

Working with Sir is helping me to shore up that foundation. As I've mentioned before, he does not micromanage me. However there are certain tasks that I've committed to doing, and he makes sure I do them. There's no more, "well, I really should do yoga, but I'm enjoying playing solitaire/reading spanking blogs/ chattering with friends/being lazy so much that I guess I won't do it, but instead I'll spend hours feeling guilty about it." 

Now, I know I'm to have done yoga by 5 everyday, and preferably in the morning. So I do it. I'm to have the dishes washed and put away, and so I do that, too.

And I'm so much happier.  And my career is already benefiting from Sir's discipline. Interestingly, though we discuss my career, that's not the area of my life in which he is training me. Our work is about strengthening my foundation, so to speak.  He's giving me the tools and the training. And I'm ready for the construction. 


Monday, December 20, 2010

Spanking City of the Day: Chilliwack, British Columbia

I heart Canada.  I really do. 
So it is with great happiness that I salute today's Spanking City of the Day...
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spanking City of the Day: Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Don't cry for me, Argentina!

I salute the Spanking City of the Day...

Buenos Aires! The Big Apple of Argentina!


Some Thoughts on Drama

 Some sorts of drama are good and proper and, to me, important.

 Sir loves what he refers to as the "performative" aspect of me.

Our relationship, in a lot of ways, is very ritualistic.

I love wearing costumes and, sometimes role playing is very very fun....

I studied drama...

...and enjoy going to the theatre.

So, yes, those kinds of drama are very good. 

 But then there's the other kind of drama....

And I had a brush with it last night. 

It's pretty rare that drama creeps into my life.

I'm good at keeping it at bay. 

And I was reminded by this incident why I do that so fastidiously.

I'm happy to say, I'm fairly sure that this particular little drama is over.