Friday, November 12, 2010


There's been an ongoing debate about corner time raging, I know...

And of course, I'm always interested in such debates.


I haven't a mentor at the moment.

No Sir to correct my naughty behavior.

And, to be utterly honest, I've never been placed in the corner before.

But I've several ideas about how it should be done.

And so tonight, I practiced.

I found the perfect corner in my apartment, and I practiced several different stances.

Please remind me, what's wrong with cornertime?


  1. There's nothing wrong with corner time. The corner is an excellent place to put girls when they've been naughty, especially after a spanking.

    It looks to me like your Sir chose a very good place for your punishment corner. There should be no distractions when the girl is in the corner!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Rich! I tend to agree with you, I'm afraid...


  3. What is better than one naughty female being spanked. Well I would admit the prospect of spanking three such erring girls, on their bare bottoms, a wonderful, delight.